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Retrospective 2018 / Perspectives 2019

At this time last year, we wrote in our 2017 retrospective that 2018 would be filled with many advantageous new features and services. We have kept our promise!

Firstly, in the days following the sending of our 2017 retrospective, our parent corporation, ESC Corporate Services Ltd., announced the acquisition of AVS Systems, a corporation that specializes in RDPRM and PPSA registrations and searches. As a result of this acquisition, we can now offer you the most comprehensive solutions with respect to nationwide RDPRM / PPSA registrations and searches.

We then launched a partnership with CAIJ (https://espace.caij.qc.ca/session/login/?returnUrl=https://espace.caij.qc.ca/banques-de-donnees/crac.html) which resulted in giving all Quebec lawyers the opportunity to benefit from certain free services when searching our nationwide business entity data base.

Later in the year, CRAC announced the creation of Canyon IP (https://www.canyonip.ca/en), a solution that allows us to strengthen our trademark services by giving you access to an increased number of Trademark Agents while adding patent services.

This year we also had the pleasure of welcoming our new President of ESC Corporate Services Ltd., Clare Colledge. Clare previously held senior leadership roles at ESC including Chief Operating Officer & VP, Business Development. Clare brings a world of experience to our organization through her 20+ years working with Canadian financial institutions as well as various organizations within the automotive & equipment financing industries. Clare delivers a fresh perspective with a focus on technology and innovation to help take ESC to the next level. Her commitment to a customer centric organization will ensure that you, our customers will always be our top priority.

Finally, CRAC has increased its involvement in the community. In addition to its loyalty card program, which is used to give back to various organizations (see Rewards Program below), CRAC has continued to support several associations and events in the legal community. Again this year, CRAC was a Gold Sponsor of the second edition of Juri Course (http://www.juricourse.com). CRAC provided not only a monetary sponsorship to the organization, but also a time contribution of its employees in order to ensure the success of the event for lawyers and their relatives. This important collaboration certainly had an influence on the results as Juri Course was able to triple its donations this year! We are very proud to have been able to contribute, in association with the other sponsors, partners, participants and volunteers, to support the mission of Pro Bono Quebec (http://probonoquebec.ca/en/).

The year 2019 is just as promising. As the economic recovery and labor shortage unfold, our solutions will continue to allow our clients to increase their expertise, use their resources for higher value tasks, reduce their risk and to increase their margins.

We also have many exciting projects, which we will be happy to share with you in the coming months!

In the meantime, I wish you all enjoy a few days of well-deserved rest to get outdoors, warm up near the fireplace, have a good time with your loved ones and I especially wish you a 2019 year filled with health!

Pierre Noël

Pierre Bilodeau

Lawyer and Managing Director – CRAC, division of ESC Corporate Services Ltd.

514-861-7953 / pbilodeau@crac.com

Rewards Program

We are very pleased to announce that our rewards program "Loyalty Rewarded" will be maintained for next year. You have been participating in large numbers and this has allowed us to help 3 charities.

Go to http://www.crac.com/fr-CA/Recompenses/RecompenseFlyer for all the details and to download your card to complete.