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Delays for corporate services

Updated on September 1, 2021






TaxExpress™ (GST / QST / QDAS) (Québec and Federal)

24-72 hours

5-8 days

Name Search with Reservation 1-2 hours around 24 hours

3-6 hours

Name Search without Reservation

1 hour

3-6 hours

Certificate of Incorporation 12-48 hours 1-4 days

3-5 days

Certificate of Incorporation 
Incoweb electronic Filing

12-48 hours


1-4 days

6-36 hours

Certificate of Amendment 12-48 hours 3-7 days

5-7 days

Certificate of Continuation, of Continuance or of Amalgamation 12-48 hours 4-6 days

5-7 days

Certificate of Dissolution --- 1-6 days

5-7 days

Updating Declaration (Québec) / Notice of Change (Canada) 12-48 hours 1-5 days

2-5 days

Letters Patent for Non-Profit Corporation / Supplementary Letters Patent 24-48 hours 1-2 weeks

5-7 days

Revival 24-48 hours 3-6 weeks

5-7 days

Initial Declaration

12-48 hours

1-6 days

Declaration of Registration

12-48 hours

1-5 days

Updating Annual Declaration 12-48 hours 1-5 days

Revocation of Striking-Off (s. 54 L.P. Act) / Corrective Amending Declaration 24-48 hours 2-4 weeks

Declaration of Striking-Off / Notice of Dissolution* 12-48 hours 1-3 days




Certificate of Attestation (Québec) 12-48 hours 3-4 days

Certificate of Compliance and Authenticity (Canada) N/A 24 hours

Document Order - Photocopies (Québec) 24-48 hours 3-4 days

Document Order - Certified Copies (Québec) 24-48 hours 3-4 days

Document Order - Photocopies (Canada) N/A 24-48 hours

Document Order - Certified Copies (Canada) N/A 3-4 days

Translation of the Québec Enterprise Registry N/A 4-6 hours

Litigation/Criminal Search (Québec) N/A 24 hours

Title Search (Québec) N/A 24 hours

RDPRM Search (Québec) N/A 24 hours

Search/Registry Section 427 of the Bank Act, out of province title searches, litigation searches, corporate profiles and document order. N/A On request

The above-mentioned turn-around times are based on the processing time of documents by government services. They serve as guidelines only and are subject to change without notice.

* Declarations of Sticking-Off and Notices of Dissolution are processed quickly by the Registraire des entreprises du Québec. However, the turnaround time to receive a confirmation letter is between 3 to 4 weeks.