October 2009  -  Vol. 23 n° 5

New: Expedited declaration service!

CRAC already offers expedited electronic filing services for provincial incorporations. You get your certificate, including the processing of the initial declaration, within 12 to 48 hours.

And now, other declarations have been added to this service!

For as little as $93.00* when filed via Incoweb and $103.00* for paper filing, the turnaround time for obtaining provincial declarations using priority service is 12 to 48 hours. A stamped electronic copy of your declaration will be sent to you via e-mail for no additional cost.

For declarations using regular service, the turnaround time is 4 to 7 business days. The fees are $52.00* when filed through Incoweb and $62.00* for paper filing.

For more information, please contact Mr. Pierre Bilodeau at (514) 861-2799, extension 343, toll-free at 1-800-361-5744 or

*Government fees and taxes not included

New CRAC service: corporate inquiry - environmental search

Having a company name and the Quebec administrative region in which the search is to be done, an environmental search can be obtained using the information that is provided is based on An Act Respecting Access to Documents Held By Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal information, R.S.Q., chapter A-2.1.

We can submit a request and have the results within a few weeks. The information that is obtain relates to whatever environmental aspect that said company is involved with; it can range from soil, water, management of waste, minerals, chemicals and other environmental characteristics.

A search can be done on any company that is doing business in Quebec. The more precise we make our request the faster we can obtain the information. Priority service is possible provided the request is very specific. If requested, certified copies may be provided.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Charline Downer at (514) 861-2799 extension 339, toll-free at 1-800-361-5744 or at

Lectures on corporate law and trade-marks: CRAC comes to you!

The CRAC team invites you to attend a series of three lectures (in French only). The lectures constitute important training for all jurists, paralegals and professionals working in the corporate field. The fall 2009 tour will take place in the cities of Québec (November 16), Rimouski (November 17), Trois-Rivières (November 23) and Chicoutimi (November 24). Other cities will be added to the list starting January 2010. Details will be published in our Info-CRAC Bulletin. Do not hesitate to contact us to express your interest if you want our team to come to you.

The lectures include three one-hour presentations given by members of our team on the following topics:

Les marques de commerce au Canada : quelques notions de base
Speaker: Me Johanne Muzzo, Manager, Trade-marks Department


Incorporation des professionnels au Québec
Speaker: Me Annie Fredette, Manager, Corporate Services


La recherche de nom d'une entreprise : réglementation et lignes directrices (provincial et fédéral)
Speaker: Mr. Denis Livernoche, Manager, Name Searches

This training activity is recognized by the Barreau du Québec. An application for recognition of said training activity is currently under review at the Chambre des notaires.

A fee of $100 (taxes included) applies, payable by cheque made out to CRAC, by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or charged to your customer account. The fee includes a continental breakfast served at 8:00 a.m. An invoice will be issued to your office.

The registration form and a brief overview of the content of the courses is available here.

For more information regarding these lectures, feel free to contact Denis Livernoche at (514) 861-2799, ext. 335, toll-free at 1-800-361-5744 or at

Update of the offer to subscribe following the changes to Regulation 45-106

On September 28, 2009, among the new changes taking effect regarding Regulation 45-106 respecting prospectus and registration exemptions, additions to the list of people authorized to acquire securities while allowing the issuer to be exempted from the prospectus requirement under section 2.4 were made. Consequently, CRAC modified both the French and English versions of its offer to subscribe template.

Offer to subscribe - Provincial: French  -  English

Offer to subscribe - Federal: French  -  English

New share certificates

CRAC has given its share certificates a new look. We have also made a few changes to the text. We have opted for simpler calligraphy, thus increasing the text’s readability. For now, share certificates are available only for provincial companies in French. Other versions of the certificates for companies incorporated under federal and provincial law are currently in production.

Electronically transmitted invoices and statements

CRAC undertakes, at your request, to send its invoices electronically. The next time you order a product or service, don’t forget to mention it. We will enter your choice in our computer system and you will receive your invoice via e-mail every time. We wish to remind you that starting January 2010, all our statements of account will be transmitted electronically.

REQ directive regarding annual declaration

Since October 1st, 2009, Quebec’s Enterprise Registrar (REQ) no longer accepts the old blank templates of the annual declaration forms. The new blank template for annual declaration has four pages. You can print out your annual declaration forms on Incoweb free of charge!

You can also file your declarations online using Incoweb. Our team will then make sure to verify them and follow up on the filing with the REQ at a very competitive price!

For more information, please contact Mr. Pierre Bilodeau at (514) 861-2799, extension 343, toll-free at 1-800-361-5744 or

Bill in Quebec corporate law: the Business Corporations Act - Finally!

The legal community has been waiting for a comprehensive reform of the Companies Act for a very long time. The bill tabled on October 7, 2009, addresses various matters, including the following:
  • New rights for shareholders;
  • New light shed on the governance of companies;
  • Concern for the integration of electronic services to make it easier to update corporate data and take part in the company’s democratic process;
  • The possibility for the corporation to continue under another jurisdiction;
  • Simplified procedures for a sole shareholder.
You will find the text of the Quebec bill Business Corporations Act here.


Have you noticed the energy they exude, their good humour, the smile in our employees’ voices when you call CRAC? This is due (in part) to the fact that they work to stay in shape!

This lifestyle choice has become one more thing the members of our team share. Some employees practise their activities together and spend quality time together outside the workplace. This creates bonds, friendships. Furthermore, they all encourage each other and share tips with colleagues to meet personal objectives as well as healthy recipes. This is what we call “A healthy mind in a healthy body!”

Here are the members of CRAC’s team of fitness enthusiasts (in the same order as in the photo):


She gets up at 5:12 a.m. every morning to do 1 hour and 22 minutes of various types of exercise: stretching, squats, weights, push-ups… standing or sitting, for the hips, legs, arms… With all of this, it’s no wonder the years don’t seem to have any effect on her!


A multi-sport enthusiast: she does Pilates, walks her dogs every night, bikes, plays tennis and takes part in many other activities to be as fit mentally as physically. Her motto: “Life is for living!”


He has been training since March to fulfill a dream he’s had since he was 19 years old: he ran 21 km in the Québec marathon (see photo), pushed himself even further in the Montréal marathon (42 km) and came in strong in Granby (21 km). Mission accomplished!


He recently rediscovered the benefits of running, something he did regularly as a young adult. He also plays hockey (ball and ice) and softball. In fact, you could suggest any sport and Denis will be ready and willing!


Annie’s “partner in crime,” together they cycled Montréal/Québec. They also hike together (see photo). Nancy took part in the Montréal marathon (10 km) as well as in the one in Granby (21 km). In addition, she plays badminton, tennis, ball hockey and softball. She loves to move!


Spinning and jogging in the gym one to two times a week. Montréal/Québec on her bicycle as her vacation. A record day of 165 km on her bicycle over the summer. Badminton and ball hockey on occasion. The least we can say is that she positively shines. Have you seen her smile?


He does weight training and 60 push-ups listening to “Wild Boys” by Duran Duran. He also went on his first backpacking trip this September: 40 km in 3 days. When it comes to badminton, however, he’s no beginner!!


Between the months of April and October, she biked from St-Basile-le-Grand to Montréal and back 50 times, which comes out to nearly 3,000 km just to come to work, all in addition to her weekend rides. In short, a good season of cycling!


From April to December, his bicycle is his only means of transportation to come to work and for travelling around the city, rain or shine!

Kelly (absent from the picture)

Kelly is our model of discipline and determination. She has been working out at the gym very seriously with a personal trainer for over a year. She is also CRAC’s official nutritionist. Do you want to lose weight or find the best exercise to work out a particular muscle? Just dial extension 329!

Caroline (absent from the picture)

She is a true sport. Suggest a game of badminton or softball, and chances are she will say: I’m in! She also regularly uses her bicycle to get to work.

This time we chose to present CRAC’s fitness enthusiasts, but other employees have other passions that drive them. They will be presented in future issues of Info-CRAC.


New: Expedited declaration service!

New CRAC service: corporate inquiry - environmental search

Lectures on corporate law and Trade-marks: CRAC comes to you!

Update of the offer to subscribe following the changes to Regulation 45-106

New share certificates

Electronically transmitted invoices and statements

REQ directive regarding annual declaration

Bill in Quebec corporate law: the Business Corporations Act- Finally!


Federal incorporation online: how to get professional looking schedules

Did you know that with IncoWeb® your schedules come back exactly as filed once it is certified? It was a concern for many clients. It’s now settled! Thanks to an unique function exclusively available to authorized intermediaries, the underlined or bold characters, the numbering of paragraphs, the boxes, in brief the page layout is preserved at the time of the certification by Corporations Canada. Another good reason to subscribe to our IncoWeb® service!

For more information, please contact Annie Fredette at 514-861-2799, ext. 355, or via e-mail at
IncoWeb® training

Do you want to know more about our IncoWeb® online services? Whether you already subscribe to IncoWeb® or not, sign up for a free one-hour training session. Contact Me Annie Fredette via e‑mail at or on the telephone at 514-861-2799, ext. 355.

The training will introduce you to:

·         New work tools that will help you save time and money

·         Annual and Amending Declarations services with data extraction from the CIDREQ registry

·         The advantages of online corporate services

Training is offered in English or in French, generally early in the day, at our offices. We can, however, adapt to your specific requests regarding the schedule, and even bring the training to you if at least three people are interested in taking the training.
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