August 2009  -  Vol. 23 n° 4

NEW ON INCOWEB: online filings and accelerated processing of provincial incorporations!

This new service will shorten the turnaround time and make processing even quicker than when using the priority service. Incorporate with faster delays without paying any additional priority service fees at the REQ, which represents savings of $150.00!

For as little as $150.00, the CRAC team will:

  • Verify your articles of incorporation;

  • Verify the information on the initial declaration;

  • Inform you of any discrepancies;

  • File everything on-line with the REQ and ensure the file follow-up;

  • E-mail you a copy of the certificate of incorporation in a timely fashion; and

  • Return the originals to you by courier service. 

You have so much to gain by using Incoweb® for your next provincial incorporations!

For more information or to register at no cost, contact us at 514-861-2722 or visit

A green alternative

Professional incorporations: bailiffs can now become incorporated

Since July 2, 2009, bailiffs are now allowed to practise their profession within a joint-stock company or LLP. 

The Regulation respecting the practice of the profession of bailiff within a partnership or a joint-stock company, published in the Gazette officielle du Québec on June 17 of this year, stipulates, among other things, that the majority of voting shareholders as well as the majority of the board of directors must be composed of bailiffs. Please see the Regulation for the full terms and conditions.

Do not forget that some of these terms must be indicated in the articles of constitution. CRAC has prepared schedules appropriate to professional corporations. They are available on Incoweb or by contacting our team (514-861-2722 /

The new federal act for not-for-profit corporations received Royal Assent

The Act respecting not-for-profit corporations and certain corporations has received Royal Assent on June 23, 2009. The coming into force will be fixed by order of the Governor in Council. We have been informed to expect the coming into force after the adoption of the regulations, which could take one year or more.

Juri Golf tournament

The Juri Golf annual tournament took place on June 16 of this year to benefit the Fondation Jean Marc Paquette (FJMP). The sum of $200,000.00 raised over the course of that day will go towards helping women with breast cancer.

The 21st edition of this event was marked by the absence of this great man, Jean Marc Paquette, who unfortunately passed away last year. With much courage and in a voice sometimes strangled with emotion, Leo Iacono, member of the FJMP, hosted the evening and paid homage to the man who had been like a father to him.

Special homage was also paid to Robert L. Conconi, a very generous donor who has given over $100,000.00 to the Fondation over the past five years. Mr. Conconi is a personal friend and business associate of Thérèse Fredette.

From left to right: Mr. Robert L. Conconi, Mr. Leo Iacono and Mrs. Diane Conconi.

CAP annual conference

This year again, CRAC was present at the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Paralegals (CAP). We very much enjoyed seeing many of our clients at our booth.

Numerous prizes were drawn throughout the day. José Guintas of Stikeman Elliott won a pair of soccer tickets and Lili-Anne Deguire of Spiegel Sohmer won a pair of football tickets donated by CRAC. We also held a draw to give away 60 “spa turbans” among the participants who left their business cards at our booth.

In closing, we would like to congratulate the conference’s organizers for the environmental portion of the day. Such initiatives must be acknowledged and encouraged… Bravo!

CRAC turns 30!

On June 19, 2009, CRAC, a company founded by Thérèse Fredette, turned 30.

Founded in 1979 and initially located in Ville St-Laurent, CRAC settled in downtown Montréal in 1987. That same year, the Info-CRAC Bulletin was born. At first, CRAC was represented by
stepped lettering, which gave it quite a modern look at the time! Over the years, CRAC continued to grow and innovate to meet the needs of its clients.

Among the most memorable events of the past 30 years are the following:

1994: CRAC adopts a whole new logo representing an eagle with its wings spread, which remained its official image for the next 15 years.

1999: An association begins with Canadian Securities Registration Systems (CSRS).

The year 2000: An excellent year in terms of staff. Six of the employees hired that year are still part of the team!

Still in 2000: The IPC Bulletin, specializing in trademarks, is launched.

2001: CRAC becomes the provincial office authorized to provide services relating to section 427 of the Bank Act. The same year, our online incorporation service, Incoweb, is launched.

2004: Our two bulletins, Info-CRAC and IPC, go electronic.

2005: CSRS acquires CRAC.

2007: A pan-Canadian company takes ownership of CSRS. CRAC is now part of the Resolve Corporation’s extensive family.

2009: Launch of the “CRAC Your letters of reference” advertising campaign accompanied by a brand-new logo.

Over these past 30 years, one thing remained the same: the quality of our customer service, guaranteed by an outstanding team ready to serve you with the same professionalism for at least 30 more years!

New advertising campaign

In connection with our website, CRAC recently lauched its new advertising campaign “CRAC Your letters of reference.” The aim of the concept is to highlight the notoriety of the CRAC acronym accompanied by a more streamlined logo.

You can obtain a copy of new advertising material by contacting Anne Roy at 514-861-2848, or e-mail your request to

Portrait of an employee: Nicole Dubois

The employee presented in this issue is Nicole Dubois. She has been working for CRAC for almost nine years. Nicole is responsible for services rendered under section 427 of the Bank Act's which allows banks to grant loans in exchange for security on inventory. Registration of a Notice of Intention is required to maintain priority against subsequent claims.

Nicole is an effective and organized employee. Her finely tuned work methods guarantee impeccable service delivered within the prescribed deadlines to her clients’ utmost satisfaction.

Nicole is a young, dynamic grandmother of 5 grandchildren to cherish, including little Rosalie, born this past July 16. Full of energy, Nicole is always available for her son and daughter to baby‑sit the kids, have them over for dinner, help them move. Last year, she also supported her husband as he battled cancer, ending in a great victory that they will soon be able to really enjoy, as a couple, on the eve of their retirement…


NEW ON INCOWEB: online filings and accelerated processing of provincial incorporations!

A green alternative

Professional incorporations: bailiffs can now become incorporated

The new federal act for not-for-profit corporations received Royal Assent

Juri Golf tournament

CAP annual conference

CRAC turns 30!

New advertising campaign

Portrait of an employee: Nicole Dubois

Federal incorporation online: how to get professional looking schedules

Did you know that with IncoWeb® your schedules come back exactly as filed once it is certified? It was a concern for many clients. It’s now settled! Thanks to an unique function exclusively available to authorized intermediaries, the underlined or bold characters, the numbering of paragraphs, the boxes, in brief the page layout is preserved at the time of the certification by Corporations Canada. Another good reason to subscribe to our IncoWeb® service!

For more information, please contact Annie Fredette at 514-861-2799, ext. 355, or via e-mail at
IncoWeb® training

Do you want to know more about our IncoWeb® online services? Whether you already subscribe to IncoWeb® or not, sign up for a free one-hour training session. Contact Me Annie Fredette via e‑mail at or on the telephone at 514-861-2799, ext. 355.

The training will introduce you to:

·         New work tools that will help you save time and money

·         Annual and Amending Declarations services with data extraction from the CIDREQ registry

·         The advantages of online corporate services

Training is offered in English or in French, generally early in the day, at our offices. We can, however, adapt to your specific requests regarding the schedule, and even bring the training to you if at least three people are interested in taking the training.
Share certificate templates

“They really work well!”

A comment often heard regarding our Word format (.doc) share certificates for printout. We have English and French versions of double-sided certificates for both federal and provincial (Quebec) incorporations.

They are easy to use and they’re free.

Give them a try! Contact our corporate law paralegals, who will gladly send you templates via e‑mail, or send us a note at the following address:
C.R.A.C. Corporate Research and Analysis Centre

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