June 2009  -  Vol. 23 n° 3

Incorporation of professionals: radiology technologists

Since May 7th 2009, radiology technologists are authorized to practice their profession within a corporation. In fact, the Regulation respecting the practice of the profession of radiology technologist within a partnership or a joint-stock company (the "Regulation") and the modifications brought to the Code of ethics of radiology technologists were published last April 22nd in the Gazette officielle.

Section 56.2 of the  Code of ethics specifically stipulates that radiology technologists cannot exercise their profession within a joint-stock company under a name or a designation which is misleading, deceptive or contrary to the honour or dignity of the profession or which is a number name. Section 16 of the Regulation authorizes the use of a registration stating “Firm of professionals governed by the Professional Code” or the  FPGPC designation in the corporate name or following said name.

The French and English schedules for joint-stock companies and corporations are available on Incoweb.

New provincial forms

Since April 27th, new forms have been made available by the REQ. For digitizing purposes, the following modifications were brought to the declaration of registration as well as the amending declaration: visible 2D bar code, addition of black lines in the upper right corner and the bottom left corner, and a change to the dotted NEQ text box. Minor modifications were brought to the other forms, but the content remains unchanged. These new forms are all available at

Authentication and legalization of documents filed in another country

Authentication or legalization of documents is the procedure that gives official and legal validity to documents to be used in another country. CRAC can take care of that for you.

As a first step, we filed your documents with the competent authority or a professional society that will proceed with authentications by verifying the signature of either a commissioner for oaths, notary public, notary, and lawyer registered in their particular registry. If they are in good standing, a stamp is placed on the documents and nothing may be added or removed.

The next step is to have the documents legalized for use at the relevant foreign country. The consular services or the embassy in question will verify the stamp affix on the documents. Once the embassy has deemed the stamped documents valid, they will affix their country's seal, or stamp establishing that the document is certified to be used in that country only.

Authentication may be obtained for documents such as:

-                Articles of Incorporation
-                Articles of Amendment
-                Articles of Continuance
-                Power of Attorney
-                Birth Certificate
-                Death Certificate
-                Marriage Certificate and records
-                Educational documents

For more information, please call Mrs. Charline Downer at 514-861-2799 extension 339 or

New in the corporate accessories department: white cotton notarized paper and minute paper post-consumer fibre

100% white cotton notarized paper

  • No paper fibre is used therefore no cut trees
  • 8 1/2"  x 14" available in boxes of 500 sheets
  • Superfine Linen Record Bond – localized watermark with the Rolland coat of arms, the paper name and the cotton content


  • Stationary
  • Contracts
  • Certificates
  • Business forms


  • Made from biogas energy
  • Permanent (last more than 100 years)
  • Guaranteed for use in a laser printer

This product is made in Québec.

Minute paper post-consumer fibre

  • 100% post-consumer fibre

  • Available in 8 1/2“ x 11“ format with 2, 3 and 5 perforations

  • The paper with 2 perforations is for our books with the push-button mechanism

  • The paper with 3 perforations is for slipcover book and binder

  • The paper with 5 perforations can be use with the above-mentioned books and slipcover books

  • This product has the same thickness than our regular minute

  • This product is offered in package of 500 sheets

This product is made in Québec.

For more information or to order this paper, please e-mail or call 514-861-2799/1 800-361-5744, extension 346.

Portrait of an employee: Isabelle Boisvert

Isabelle Boisvert has been a member of the name search team for close to nine years. She is an expert in federal incorporation preliminary research. She gets great satisfaction from her front line role in helping clients bring their projects to fruition: "Taking the decision to start a company is often the result of an ambition, a dream to succeed. For me, it is very satisfying to be there to help the clients get the company name that will be the symbol of their efforts and, I hope, their success."

She can count on the help and close collaboration of Denis Livernoche,

Department Manager, as well as that of her colleague Nancy Bombardier: "Ours is a funny and friendly team and that helps us manage the stress brought on by deadlines and the workload". Isabelle holds her own: we can count on her to brighten our day with her witty sense of humor and entertaining anecdotes. 

On a personal note, she is forever spoiling her four nieces and nephews, who range in age from 2 to 14. She’s also impatiently awaiting the arrival of the newest member of the family at the end of October (courtesy of her sister Geneviève!)


Incorporation of professionals: radiology technologists

New provincial forms

Authentication and legalization of documents filed in another country

New in the corporate accessories department: white cotton notarized paper and minute paper post-consumer fibre

Portrait of an employee: Isabelle Boisvert

Federal incorporation online: how to get professional looking schedules

Did you know that with IncoWeb® your schedules come back exactly as filed once it is certified? It was a concern for many clients. It’s now settled! Thanks to an unique function exclusively available to authorized intermediaries, the underlined or bold characters, the numbering of paragraphs, the boxes, in brief the page layout is preserved at the time of the certification by Corporations Canada. Another good reason to subscribe to our IncoWeb® service!

For more information, please contact Annie Fredette at 514-861-2799, ext. 355, or via e-mail at
IncoWeb® training

Do you want to know more about our IncoWeb® online services? Whether you already subscribe to IncoWeb® or not, sign up for a free one-hour training session. Contact Me Annie Fredette via e‑mail at or on the telephone at 514-861-2799, ext. 355.

The training will introduce you to:

·         New work tools that will help you save time and money

·         Annual and Amending Declarations services with data extraction from the CIDREQ registry

·         The advantages of online corporate services

Training is offered in English or in French, generally early in the day, at our offices. We can, however, adapt to your specific requests regarding the schedule, and even bring the training to you if at least three people are interested in taking the training.
Share certificate templates

“They really work well!”

A comment often heard regarding our Word format (.doc) share certificates for printout. We have English and French versions of double-sided certificates for both federal and provincial (Quebec) incorporations.

They are easy to use and they’re free.

Give them a try! Contact our corporate law paralegals, who will gladly send you templates via e‑mail, or send us a note at the following address:
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